Poems about love in the morning sun

This may be an offering to the feeling of love and heartbreak this time I will write a poem about the sun in the morningI hope you are happy with the poetry of the sun this morning

The sun is starting to smile in the morning
Emit red light that penetrates the earth's crust
That there is dew on the leaf buds begin to disappear
Carried away by the wind and the warmth of the sun at that time
Day that passes without change as I'm aware of that happening
Sweet promises you said it was the beginning of a lie from you
In every breath I will never forget
The betrayal of love that you gave to me

Thank you for your love is ever present and residing in the recesses of my heart

Poems about love that's called the morning sun as I write this again next time in conjunction with the poetry of love is another theme too,, hehe
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