Minggu, 08 April 2012

The words of wisdom

Posted by qsuwoengs on Minggu, 08 April 2012

If we are willing to learn and understand about the words of wisdom may be lebvih our lives better and understand more about life directly only to the words of wisdom that I see below ...

a. Have a nature or affection Mahabbah
b. Avoiding the credit for all the praise belongs to Allah SWT only
c. Always worried and sad when seeing disobedience
d. The spirit of sacrifice property and life
e. Obtaining repair themselves
f. Seeking blessings of Allah
g. Always seek forgiveness after making good
h. Patient had difficulty
i. Memupukkan all kejagaan only to God
j. Do not despair in the face of lack of business success
k. Istiqomah like a camel
l. Tawadhu such as earth
m. Rigid like a mountain
n. Broad and comprehensive view of the high as the sky.
o. spinning around like the sun that gives to all beings without asking for payment.

That's wise words that  we can learn and can also be made in the guidance of life

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