Talking about the sexual health of guys

Talking about the sexual health of guys
Talking about the sexual health of guys-One of the things that most men fear is sexual health problems. Almost all guys agree that it doesn't matter if the face isn't so charming, what matters is that their bed is extraordinary.

Somehow guys think like that. Maybe the ego always wants to be better than the girl who makes them like that. Although there are some people who really care about their sexual health, unfortunately, sometimes there are also men who are not so concerned about this problem.

Speaking of sexual health, guys should care about the problem of their reproductive organs, such as the testicles, where sperm is produced. It turns out that the testicles can also experience cancer whose symptoms have never been imagined by boys. Well, it's a good idea to look at some of the early symptoms of testicular cancer so that you can deal with it early

Dizziness is a headache that is very common in everyone. But that does not mean this disease can be underestimated. Because if you experience dizziness regularly or prolonged, it's good to get your check up immediately. Testicular cancer can also cause headaches that last for a long time, not recovering

The appearance of a lump or swelling in the testis is a result of several tumor cells that continue to multiply in the scrotum. If your testism has a significantly different size, it could be an active tumor.

According to tumor and cancer experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou said that 80% of men who get cancer will experience swelling in their testes as a very clear initial symptom. The only way is to check the scrotal ultrasound B to diagnose the contents of the lump or swelling
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